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How to Choose a Best Hosted Phone System

By drew@turnkeyvoip.com

June 17, 2022

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At first, glance, choosing a Hoste Phone System in Florida might seem easy, but it can get complicated once you start thinking about your needs. Do you need a hosted phone system for your Florida business? Is it still best to use a landline?

In this post, we’ll talk about how to choose a hosted phone system based on where you are, what your business needs, and what you already have in place.

Landline or VoIP?

The first thing you need to decide is whether to use a landline or a VoIP Remote Teams. Here’s a quick summary of each:


A landline is the standard way to talk on the phone. It sends the phone call to the larger telephone network using copper cables. If your business has a physical location, you probably already have landlines set up.


VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. As the name suggests, it uses an internet connection to send the phone call between the sender and the receiver. You can do this with both wired and wireless internet connections.

Using a hosted VoIP provider is the next step. In short, this means that your VoIP service is handled by a different company away from your business location. We’ll explain why this is helpful in the next section.

Which is Best for Your Business?

Both have their pros and cons, but for businesses, VoIP phone service is usually the better choice. VoIP is:

  • Relatively cheap to install – at the very least, all you need is an internet connection.
  • Even if you use a hosted VoIP provider, they tend to be cheap to run.
  • You can use it anywhere with an internet connection, so you’re not stuck in one place.
  • Cloud-based services are easier to manage and have backups in case a service goes down.

Your business probably already has a landline, but if it doesn’t, it can be pricey to get one put in. Also, you are limited in what you can do with it because of how fast the connection is and how it is set up. You probably already know that you can’t make a call from far away on a landline.

Choosing the Right Hosted Phone System

A Hosted Phone system in Florida is probably the easiest way for a company to set up or expand their phone system. When you use a hosted VoIP provider, everything is taken care of by a specialized company so you can focus on running your business.

Certainly, not every hosted VoIP provider in Florida is the same. Here are some tips to help you decide which one is best for your business.

Your Needs

The most obvious reason to use a hosted phone system is to make phone calls. But what do you need more of? A VoIP system can offer video conferencing, mobile apps, chat features, and much more. 

These functions are considered “basic” for a Hosted Phone system, but you can always add more. Turnkey VoIP has solutions that are made for each business, so if you need something specific for your hosted phone system in Florida, get in touch.


Whenever a business has to make a choice, the cost is a key factor. But it shouldn’t come before what you need and how well the service works. Turnkey VoIP offers low-cost business solutions, such as standard packages and custom quotes, which are good news. So, it will be easy to match the needs of your business with your budget.


Reliability means two things when it comes to choosing a hosted phone system. First, it means how good your connection is and how easy it is for your customers to use. VoIP is already much more reliable than a landline connection, but if you use a hosted service, service experts will help you if the service goes down.

 But we can also think about reliability in terms of what the VoIP service gives us. This means that it can connect you to customers in many different ways so that everyone’s needs are met. Through our UCaaS, Turnkey VoIP can do this (Unified Communication as a Service).

This includes:

  • SMS texting and a chat function, both with customers and between coworkers
  • Video calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Communicator mobile app

In the end, all employees should be able to use a Hosted Phone system in Florida, whether they are in the office or not. Also, putting all the necessary forms of business communication in one place makes them easier to use and, as a result, more reliable.


Scalability is important for all businesses, no matter how big or small, because most people want their businesses to grow. To keep things simple, you’ll want. A Hosted Phone system in Florida provider that can grow with your business. Well, Turnkey VoIP can give you just that. We make sure that our solutions meet your needs now and in the future, so you don’t have to worry about switching services when you outgrow your current setup.


Lastly, you can move around. Businesses are changing faster than ever, so their phone systems need to be able to keep up. Traditional phone systems can no longer keep up with the needs of employees who need to talk to each other across multiple sites, people who work from home, or people who work on the go.

A hosted VoIP service should make a mobile app that lets you use its services while you’re on the go. It means you can use a standard mobile device with the internet to connect to all your business communication needs.

Of course, you can still use regular hardware in an office. A VoIP service can be used on a computer (which is good for a chat and video calls) or on a regular phone. You don’t need much extra hardware to connect a phone to the internet. This is important because it means that your business can move when it needs to, but staying in one place won’t cost a fortune.

Choosing Hosted VoIP Providers in Florida

Landlines are becoming less popular when it comes to choosing a phone system for a business. Hosted Phone Systems in Florida are here to stay, and if you set one up now, your business will be ready to grow.

Turnkey VoIP is the place to go if you need a hosted phone system in Florida. We offer VoIP UCaaS that is easy to use and reliable, and it will meet all of your business’s needs now and in the future. Contact us to get a quote and find out how we can help.


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