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5 Ways to use SMS Text Messaging in Business

By drew@turnkeyvoip.com

June 20, 2022

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Text messaging has been the preferred form of communication for younger generations. It is very fast and private, and it eliminates the need for unnecessary conversations. So why is this not the Go-To form of communication for business?

SMS Text Messaging without sending your cell phone number

Many young professionals who are entering the workforce often wonder why they can’t use their office desk phones to send text messages. Sending and receiving text messages has become a standard part of today’s communication. With the Communicator app from Turnkey VoIP, you can send and receive text messages on your desktop or cell phone. Sending SMS text Messages is at your fingertips on your desktop or cell phone, and you use your business number to do it.

Most workers now have a private number or DID (Direct In Dial) number they use to receive calls directly to bypass the auto attendant. This is the number that is typically used for SMS text messaging directly to and from that individual.

When is SMS Text Messaging Used?

Healthcare Offices

In the healthcare profession, the use of text messaging is most used to send reminder messages and confirm patient appointments. In addition, many dentists and doctors rely on a person who calls the patients to remind them of their appointments. This usually takes several hours. When you call the patient, they wish to talk. Of course, you cannot be rude, so you must listen to them wax on about their illness. This increases the time it takes to do this task by a factor of 3 or 4.

Why not simply SMS text them, “This is a reminder you have an Appointment Tomorrow with Dr. Smith at 8:30” Text “Yes” to acknowledge this.” You can even copy and paste the message to each patient and change the time. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Law Offices

In today’s fast-paced world, having an attorney is very important, especially if you are involved in an accident or arrested. Having an attorney on the other end of the phone can make a big difference in helping a client get through their situation. They may only get one call. In most cases, a paralegal will take this call and get in touch with the attorney to contact the new client. It is much easier for the paralegal to SMS text all the information to the attorney, so they do not have to remember the number or address of the accident etc.

Title Offices

In the mortgage industry, title offices are constantly looking for information from both borrowers and lenders. This sector can get bogged down waiting for the response to provide the necessary information so that a loan or refi can move forward. Rather than calling an individual that is usually at work, simply SMS text them to make them aware of what information you need. This saves countless phone calls and playing phone tag. This improves the relationship by not interrupting a client at work, minimizing the communication, and getting the information as fast as possible. SMS text on your desktop makes it simple to copy and paste.

Any Service Company

If you have a phone system in Florida service company that has a dispatcher, you need SMS text messaging. Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, any kind of service repair can use SMS. Whether the technician needs to go back, the address was wrong, the client won’t be home for 15 more minutes. Being able to text with your techs will save you time and money. Reducing stress in the workplace is accomplished with good communication. The dispatchers will love this method as it can help them keep their busy lives running smoothly. They are the ones shuffling and coordinating all the projects. Anything you can do to make their life easier and less stressful will improve your workplace and help retain employees longer.

Any Business can use SMS Text Messaging

There is no business that should not have these tools on their desktop to use. There are essential business tools like a computer, telephone, and SMS. Fast communication is key. Using the medium of communication that best suits your client is paramount. Being able to text with clients is expected nowadays and if you don’t have the ability then you are backing up.

What Does It Cost?

SMS text messaging is one of the least expensive tools you can add. Messaging rates vary from carrier to carrier, but many VoIP Providers will bundle this in their UCaaS (Unified Communication) application. It can range from free to as much as $10.00 a month per user. If you wish to add SMS to your telephone solution, Text Me At 813-852-2222 I guarantee you will get an instant response


One of the most popular tools that businesses can add to their communication strategy is having the ability to send and receive text messages We would be happy to help you implement this feature as it is part of our hosted phone solution. Need Help Text or Call 813-852-2222 today.


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