August 31


Best Phone Systems For Small Business


August 31, 2022

Technology for phone systems for small business now gives you a lot more than just a dial tone.

Today, phone systems for small business are becoming more and more a part of a converged network. This is an Internet Protocol (IP) network that connects voice, data, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging, and other business-critical tools and applications for communication.

A small business phone system on a converged network makes it easier and cheaper for a small business or a small office within a larger company to communicate in both simple and complex ways.

How IP-Based phone systems for small business Saves Money

  • With a phone systems for small business that runs on an IP network, you only have to manage one network. This is cheaper and more efficient than having to manage multiple networks.
  • Your business can save money on long-distance charges with a phone systems for small business. This is because you can use your data network to make both domestic and international calls at very low rates.
  • When you move or change a phone extension, it costs less with a phone systems for small business.
  • When you add a new site or employee, you’ll save time, which will save you money.

Other Benefits of a phone systems for small business

  • Ease of use: An IP network-based phone system can be as easy to use for employees as a regular landline phone, but it has a lot more features and functions.
  • Access from anywhere: Your employees can use your phone and communication system from anywhere they have a broadband Internet connection. This makes employees more productive and makes it easier for them to work together, which speeds up the decision-making process.
  • Better customer service: Being able to use a communications/phone system from anywhere makes it easier to help customers. Callers are less likely to get stuck in voicemail menus or put on hold, which can help increase customer loyalty and profits.

Your data network is connected to your phone service, so you can get dial tone, transfer, hold, phone conferencing, and other standard features. Employees can transfer calls to anyone in the company, no matter where they are, and remote workers can use all phone services through a VPN connection to the office.

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Drew Martin has been in the Telecommunications Industry since 1974. He served as an Engineer for GTE for 17 years before embarking on his own adventure as a business developer. Specializing in Voice Over IP has become his passion. If you ever have a question about anything in the Telecom World he is ready to help. Just shoot him an email or leave a comment!!

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