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Awesome Hosted Business Phone System and VoIP Remote Workers

By drew@turnkeyvoip.com

June 17, 2022

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A virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or a Hosted Business Phone System in Florida gives you all the benefits of a traditional office phone system without the expensive hardware costs. Aside from the initial costs of setting up compatible phones, POE switches, and routers, you don’t have to spend any extra money on your phone systems.

​At the moment, when flexibility is a top priority for remote and hybrid teams, technology provides us with several advanced VoIP services that allow workers to do their jobs from anywhere. A report by the VoIP Remote Teams said that nearly 70% of people work remotely at least once a week. Remote work has changed how things work in the workplace, especially when it comes to communication.

​VoIP gives employees all the tools they need to talk to each other in real-time from anywhere in the world using only the internet. Some of the services are chats, real-time status updates, drag-and-drop conferencing, SMS texting, and so on. Remote and hybrid teams work well together because it’s easy to start a video call with customers or other remote workers right away.

​Hosted phone systems for businesses save money and are much more up-to-date than older phone systems. This cloud-based VoIP solution gives teams more freedom to work hard and efficiently. Let’s look at some basic ideas about Hosted Business Phone System in Florida by VoIP in more depth:

What is a Hosted business phone system?

​It is a hosted business phone system that works through the internet. You can choose one of the hosted PBX platforms below. Both of these setups could work for your business, but they can be done in different ways.

  • Cloud-hosted phone system

​The phones in this hosted business phone system in Florida are linked to an outside VoIP data centre. The phones are set up with a unique login, and they are programmed ahead of time to sign up with a SIP server. A phone system that is hosted in the cloud has all the important features your modern workforce needs. It has everything. It has auto-attendants, voicemail to email, and voice conferencing. This is the easiest Hosted Business Phone System in Florida for a department in charge of management to use.

  • PBX SIP Trunking 

​Keeps your current PBX, but all of your business’s external lines are managed through a VoIP-based trunk. If there is a problem with the PBX, phone calls can be easily sent to any real or virtual office.

How does a hosted business phone system work for VoIP remote teams?

​With a hosted business phone system and a cloud PBX, you can take calls.

With the help of a VoIP connection and a Turnkey VoIP, this online service manages calls coming in and going out.

The entire process includes these steps:

  • ​Your business looks for a hosted VoIP provider that offers a cloud PBX.
    Then, they connect you to one of their data centers that are far away.
  • You get an incoming call that connects to your hosted PBX system.
  • ​The Hosted business Phone system in Florida turns the information on the call into digital packets that are sent over the internet. This is what your hosted PBX does with VoIP.
  • The hosted business phone system directs the incoming call to the desk phone of your office.
  • ​When the desk phone rings, you answer it. The voice data is turned into digital packets, and an internet connection is made. When you talk to the other caller, the hosted PBX acts as a go-between.

​With a secure cloud phone system, you can make and take calls from any internet-connected device. Your laptop, mobile phone, landline, and desktop double as your business phone.

Advantages of a hosted business phone system

These are some unique perks of having a Hosted business Phone system in Florida;

  • Cost savings

​Hosted business phone systems are cheaper than the old ways of doing things for two reasons. First of all, you don’t have to buy a new cart of gear. You can use your own equipment with a hosted business phone system in Florida.

  • Desk phones
  • Softphones
  • VoIP handsets
  • Cell phones and mobile devices (including Android or IOS smartphones)

​The best choice for VoIP Remote Teams is a business phone system. When it comes to control and management, this cloud-based solution is a good deal. You don’t have to call a technician or engineer to come to fix the problem at your office. By connecting to your service provider, your IT team can fix many VoIP problems.

  • Easy installation

​Setting up a traditional phone system can be hard, take a long time, and cost a lot of money. But none of these things are true of a hosted phone system.

​A hosted phone system in Florida is set up and installed online, so an engineer or technician doesn’t have to come to your office to start the process. This makes it cheap and perfect for small businesses or people who work from home and use VoIP.

  • An integrated communication platform

​Integrated communication platforms let their users talk to people outside and inside the company using the same tool. With just one tool, teams like customer service and sales can plan their entire strategies around their hosted VoIP providers in Florida. Along with being able to make calls, the right VoIP provider has a number of other features. Some of the best things about hosted business phone systems are that they let you send instant messages to remote VoIP workers and that they can host video conferences.

  • Flexibility to VoIP hybrid teams

​With the hosted business phone system in Florida, you can take calls whether you’re on a business trip with a remote team or working from home. You no longer have to deal with the desk phone that is hard-wired. Most companies that offer hosted phone systems have software built-in for their clients. Your team can get the software for the business phone on their phones or laptops. The PBX provider sets up the connection and sends both outgoing and incoming calls to that device. If your hosted VoIP providers in Florida offer masked caller IDS, none of your callers will notice a difference.

  • Security & Scalability

​If you want to grow your business in Florida, you must have hosted phone systems. With a hosted business phone system, it’s easy to call out from your old phone system even after you’ve added a new team member. The best thing about a PBX system is that it can be expanded. In the same way, security is the other biggest worry for businesses, and the average cost of a privacy breach is $3.92 million.

​At the moment, hackers get into data by tricking people. They act as your phone company and get the information that way. They use this information to take charge of your system. Still, social engineering is harder to do with hosted phone systems because they have an extra layer of security. The best-hosted business phone systems in Florida have strong tools for managing who is calling. No hacker can fool you into giving them your information.

​Strong encryption on Hosted Business Phone System in Florida makes sure that attackers can never listen in on business calls.

Are you ready?

​This makes it very clear that a hosted phone system is the safest way to share information and talk to the team and other coworkers. In a cloud that has been audited by SOC 2, the data is safe and there is no risk of a data breach. All of the remote teams use VoIP over a VPN, which keeps all of the information safe.

​The days when wires made the office look like a maze and old technology had to be replaced every three months are long gone.

But don’t forget to make sure that your new Florida hosted business phone system service provider has the best, most up-to-date features for your business.

So, your whole business won’t have to deal with expensive, old phone systems that slow down everything.

​VoIP has become the standard way for businesses to save money while getting a lot of benefits, like reliability, flexibility, increased productivity, and better security for remote and VoIP Remote Teams.


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