Our Silver Plan is for more Traditional Users!!!

With our Silver Plan, managing your business monthly expenses has never been easier. This plan includes unlimited calls and support and over 50 features!!!

  • No Upfront Cost
  • No Hidden Fees
  • All The Features you Need
  • Flexible Terms
Yealink Phone

Office phones at the exhibition

Main Features

We include over 50 Industry Standard Features at no additional cost!!

Here are just a few

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendants allow you to direct your calls anywhere and anytime. Day Mode, Night Mode, Holidays, Inclement weather. Easily setup in minutes.

Unlimited Calls In and Out

Never pay the "phone company" for individual lines again. Everyone can make an outbound call at once while never getting a busy on an inbound call from your customer.

Drag and Drop Conference

Never be worried again when creating a Conference Call. Easily Drag and Drop as many as you wish. Easily Mute and Drop the ones you wish as well.

Visual Voicemail

Been on vacation and return to 50 voicemails. Now you can see who called and delete the ones you wish without having to listen to each one in order.

Chat and SMS

Our Award Winning UCaaS App allows you to Chat or SMS Text with folks in and out of the office using your PC without giving up the privacy of your cell phone number.

Self-Care Portal

Forward Calls, Do Not Disturb, Listen to Voicemail, Call Records. It is all just a click away.